My Birthday Wish

birthday wish2

I have some very amazing and talented friends and family! I am awed and inspired by the things they make and do. I know someone who makes amazing things out of polymer clay, from itty bitty doughnut earrings to handheld Pikachus. She also bakes sci-fi themed cookies and other fun goodies. Her most recent amazing display of skill has been in adorable knitted (or crocheted – I don’t know the difference) octopi. She makes it all look so effortless!

Another friend turns windows into art. Several repaint second-hand furniture into beautiful items anyone would want in their own home. Some friends and family have skills with sewing, embroidery, monogramming, and vinyl. Others build wood furniture and create statement walls. Some can make a bare wall beautiful with a mix of frames and art. Some paint, sketch or create word art. Some take beautiful photographs (one talent of which I am both appreciative and envious).


I know friends who make jewelry, put together great-looking outfits, and can style hair and makeup like nobody’s business (I have no talent in these areas so I appreciate others’ skill). Some friends create beautiful gardens and flower arrangements, create interesting focal walls, arrange furniture and assemble rooms that are beautiful, welcoming, and functional.

Some friends are great cooks, creating amazing meals and desserts that are appealing to both the eyes and the stomachs.cupcakes

I know people who write beautiful songs that make my heart soar and draw me closer to God. Others craft completely engaging stories or speak beautiful truths that encourage me. Others are poets. I know dancers, singers, actors, and artists.

I love watching people use their abilities and seeing the beautiful end results of their endeavors.  In fact, I have several such things in my house that I love. Every time I look at something whose creator I know personally, I think fondly of them and our relationship. I went on a scouting trip around my house and found more things than I expected that have personal significance and sentimentality for me. It was a fun, sweet trip reminiscing on my relationships.

My birthday is next month and I will be 35. Not a particularly exciting milestone other than being officially eligible to run for president (which is not on my to-do list). Yes, I’ll be halfway to 70 and even closer to 40 but that doesn’t really bother me. As I’ve gotten older, my birthday wish list has steadily decreased in size. I now prefer experiences over things because memories last so much longer. But I also love receiving things that required time and effort by the giver because they are thoughtful and meaningful to me. So, if you were considering celebrating my birthday with a gift (which I feel uncomfortable saying out loud but so be it), I would love something showcasing your talent, skill or ability so that I could be reminded of you whenever I see it.

I would also love to hear about your creative talents or those of your own friends and family. What’s something someone has given you that they created that means a lot to you? What is something that you poured time and love into for someone else? Show a picture if you can! Let’s celebrate the gifts and abilities of those around us!

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