Achievable New Year’s Resolutions

   Last year I chose to make a goal (a New Year’s Resolution, if you will) that was clearly defined, achievable and also somewhat enjoyable. I decided to make one new dessert recipe each month, twelve in all. It turned out to be pretty delicious! It was fun trying to decide what to make. Some months I tried to fit it with the general theme of that month – pumpkin whoopie pies in October (yummy!) and a green key lime pound cake in March (eh). They weren’t all hits and sometimes I was scrambling at the end of the month to get one made, but I also learned how to make homemade whipped cream and found some keepers.

January: Glazed Lemon Cakes (yum!)

   This year I decided to choose a goal that also fit somewhere in my wheelhouse but could also benefit more than just my household. I like to write and I enjoy keeping up with friends and family. I chose 2015 to be the year I write (and mail) a handwritten note to everyone in my address book. As I was sending out Christmas cards in 2014 I realized that for quite a few people in my book it was my only communication with them and I found that rather sad. I’m changing that this year and we’ll see what happens. Perhaps someone will respond and we’ll resume semi-regular correspondence.

   So if you don’t get a card from me by Jan. 6, 2016 (because if I am scrambling at the end of the year and don’t get them into my mailbox until Dec. 31st it’ll take a few days to get to the recipient), that means you aren’t on of the 90 people/families in my address book. You are always welcome to send me your address to remedy this unfortunate circumstance.

  Have you set any goals lately? Do you set parameters that let you know if/when you achieve them? Are they realistic goals and/or parameters? Does fear of failure keep you from setting goals? Have you kept any New Year’s Resolutions/goals from years past? I would love to hear about it!


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