Is Jesus Enough?

Here’s a follow up from my last post.

Dear God,
 I think you are finally getting through to me. My mind keeps harping on this best friend thing. Why do I want one? Because I want to be known intimately. I want to be able to air my dirty laundry – my shortcomings, struggles, temptations and weaknesses – and still receive acceptance, love and compassion from the one who hears it all. I want someone who can say “I understand. I can help.” Saying all of this to you, I know feel kind of silly. You are that someone. You are able and willing to be all that and more if I will just let you. You are enough. I keep telling you that “I need this” and “I need that” – that I need things other than you, things apart from you. And you are kindly and lovingly showing me that no, I don’t. You know my needs and you want to meet them with your vast stores of love, compassion, acceptance and wisdom. You are always with me. You will never forsake me. You can answer and help and encourage. You will always listen You are enough for me. Thank you, Jesus, for showing me that I have not internalized this truth. Help me to remember this truth and live it. 

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