Life Got In The Way

Top: how I feel some weeks. Bottom: once the weeks are over.

Well, it’s certainly been a few weeks since I was last on here. It’s been pretty busy around our house. We went on vacation to Myrtle Beach with the in-laws for a week. The following week BB started three-year-old preschool three days per week. This week my brother is visiting for a few days so there’s been a lot of changes to the “normal” routine. With preschool started we are working on creating a new weekly schedule and routine. Also within this time frame PB and I have tried to get back into our weekly team tennis practices (match play starts this weekend) and our church community group has begun. Oh, and BB took her first dance class yesterday. So, yeah, our days are pretty packed. 

I was excited about preschool for several reasons. I thought BB would enjoy spending regular time with other children her age. It would also break up the monotony of staring at our four walls all of the time. I was looking forward to getting some one-on-one time with LB. It’s rare that he’s awake without BB around. I also thought it would give me a few more hours during the week to get things checked off of my to-do list (especially since LB has a nap time for an hour or so while BB’s in preschool). 
The first week I managed to get more done than usual. I figured out that I could do my exercise DVD and take a shower in the morning. I could get my blog post written and posted on the alternate morning. And that’s how it worked. The first week. 
Last week (I can’t believe we’ve only had two weeks of preschool!) I assumed the same would happen. I don’t know whether I took naps I didn’t know about, but somehow I wasn’t even able to get all of my normal week things accomplished! I have no idea what was different between the weeks. 
This week my brother is here so we are having quality time with him and are nowhere close to regular days, but we’re having fun and, in the life of a SAHM, sometimes different is a refreshing break from the norm. However, I must say that I have been able to get some things done knowing there’s another set of eyes and hands (and ears – boy does BB like to talk!) around the house.
I’ll have to wait until next week to see how the trend is going. I do realize that even before preschool I tended to have productive and non-productive weeks. That’s just life I suppose. I’m sure once we get used to all of our weekly activities things will smooth out again. And, if not, then something will probably need to be dropped.
Do you tend to alternate between feeling on top of your to-do list and feeling hopelessly behind? Any solutions or helpful advice?

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